S E C U R I T Y  

MSH Security, established in the mid 1990’s began as a small business specialising in the fields of VIP Close Protection and Surveillance. Event Security and Static Guarding followed, where we have continued to receive excellent feed back from clients on our performances. The company has continued to grow, capturing along the way the confidence of several large Businesses and Corporations. Expanding into the field of High Value Logistic Security, we have become second to none in the handling and movement of this type of freight. Our unique methods and management of this business have gained a 100% efficiency rate with clients. In the areas of specialised security needs, all personnel operating on behalf of MSH are of Military background, many of which are from specialist units with worldwide professional experience. Operatives engaged on static duties are provided with the correct training for each location and adhere to a Standard Operational Procedure. MSH prides itself on being a pro-active company with the ability of providing clients with direct top-level management decisions 24 hours a day. The company is acquiring a reputation based upon quality, professionalism and support, the standard of which is portrayed in our steadily growing client base.